My prediction was a woeful understatement.

You must remember this tragic story from last week?

Honduras Prison Fire Kills At Least 300 Inmates

You do? Well what could have caused such a terrible conflagration that took so many lives?

BBC News My emphasis

Some survivors told investigators that an inmate started the blaze by setting fire to his mattress.
The Huffington Post
The local governor, a former prison employee, told reporters that an inmate called her moments before the fire and said he was going to set the facility on fire and kill everyone inside.
Survivors told investigators that an unidentified inmate screamed "We will all die here!" as he lit fire to his bedding late Tuesday night in the prison [...]

The blaze spread within minutes, killing about 100 inmates in their cells as firefighters struggled to find officials who had keys, Comayagua fire department spokesman Josue Garcia said.
Of course. Only a seriously disaffected prisoner with a lot of accelerants could start such a rapid and devastating blaze, correct?
Of course not! It was started by a discarded cigarette.
Honduras' Comayagua jail fire 'caused by cigarette'
I shit you not!
A prison fire in Honduras that killed 360 inmates may have been started by a discarded cigarette, officials say.

I know discarded cigarettes have been known to start fires, particularly when someone falls asleep smoking one, but to suggest a fag end would have the chance to cause such destruction from a prison cell is pushing the realms of possibility.

I know we like to blame cigarettes of every little possible problem, but I didn't think they were like that all the way over in Honduras.
Foreign experts have been brought in to help establish the cause

investigators had been told by witnesses that a prisoner fell asleep while smoking.
Mr Rubi said experts from the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives supported the accident theory.
Yeah. And my Grandma disappeared while flying solo across the Atlantic.

I pointed out another sad story of a chap who set fire to himself while smoking last week, this time in his car. I said we should expect to be seeing many more such stories as the bansturbators try desperately to get smoking banned in cars.

However I did not see this coming.

I suppose now we have to ban smoking in all prisons. Never mind that Honduaras has a serious problem with prison overcrowding and conditions - some spiteful people don't like anyone to be allowed to smoke.


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