Thin skinned over reaction of the week

A FAMILY had their Christmas dinner ruined when they opened a cracker containing an offensive quiz about the World Trade Centre.

That's right, ruined! This family has such thin skins that when reading an out of date quiz question about the Twin Towers, found in a cracker, not only did it ruin their Christmas dinner, they also found it necessary to take their story to the papers.
Sheila Jones said the slip of paper which asked people to name the “the twin skyscrapers, 1,361 feet high, that are the tallest buildings in New York “ was inexcusable more than a decade after the Twin Towers were destroyed on 9/11.
She said the find wrecked the family’s yuletide celebrations and could have had a “devastating” effect on people who knew victims of the terrorist attack.
It must have been a seriously slow news day for the paper to be bothered printing this story. Any newspaper reporter worth their salt would have just pointed and laughed at this family
“We personally did not lose anyone in the 9/11 atrocities...
but we'll be damned if we're going to miss out on the on the offence seeking.
“When my husband read out the piece of paper I couldn’t believe it.
I thought the opportunity for compo was huge, but all we managed was a quick piece in our local rag. The Daily Mail refused to return our calls.

Unfortunately the company who sold the crackers are also indulging the wailing and lamenting of Britain's softest family.
A spokesperson for Wilkinsons said the firm was disturbed to hear of the incident.
"We are a family business and would never knowingly include inappropriate material in our Christmas crackers.
“We apologise to our customers and an immediate investigation is under way with our suppliers."

Should have just told them to grow a set.


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