Listen to that. Sounds like another righteous race row.

Supermini that drove into a PC storm: Volkswagen's latest car in controversy over 'black up!' model

Controversy? Why? Do tell.
With the launch of its new ‘up!’ supermini looming, the firm decided on a few special editions to boost sales of the model.
One, however, proved a little controversial. While the ‘white up!’ was always on safe ground, the ‘black up!’ was clearly heading for trouble.
UK bosses blocked the name fearing that if it was used in Britain, it could give offence to ethnic minorities – because of the connotation of white actors and singers ‘blacking up’ to perform as minstrels.
Seriously? First world problems eh? And why was the white version always safe? It's moronic things like this that create racial tension; picking something perfectly innocent and turning it into a race row.
The solution they came up with however was hardly inspired. Bosses simply decided to reverse the words and call it the ‘up! black’.
Matthew Collins, of campaigning organisation Hope Not Hate, branded the name ‘insensitive’.
Then he's a muppet!
He said: ‘In this country at the moment we seem to be dealing with an explosion in racism and these are not the wisest of words to have been chosen.’
The only explosion of racism we are currently dealing with is the stuff that righteous morons like yourself create in order to give you a reason to keep bleating and keep cashing the cheques.
Volkswagen said there were no plans to change the ‘black up!’ name on the Continent because, as foreign words in European countries, they did not have the same ‘resonance’ as in Britain.

Roughly translated: Britain is an overly sensitive country of spoiled children that really needs to grow a pair.


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