The even bigger, big breakfast.

It seems that this £10 mammoth fry up is not enough for some breakfast eaters. The owners of a diner in Gt Yarmouth have got themselves in the Daily Mail by creating an even bigger breakfast - much to the abject horror of 'health campaigners'.
The REALLY big breakfast: 6,000 calorie fry-up is slammed by health campaigners... but a hit with diners

I love the headline. Health campaigners hate it but the folk who eat it, love it. Freedom of choice always seems to have the righteous getting their undercrackers in a twist. That must be why it is currently the most persecuted of human values. When we're free to choose, we may just choose to put half a pig on our breakfast plate.
A monster breakfast which weighs the same as a small child and could potentially kill diners is attracting criticism from angry health campaigners
The Kidz Breakfast at Jesters Diner in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, includes 12 rashers of bacon, 12 sausages and six eggs and weighs on average 9lb - 1lb 5oz more than the average newborn baby.
Health experts are demanding its removal from the menu and are warning someone with a heart condition could die if they eat it, with each helping amounting to at least 6,000 calories, up to three days' food intake for an average person.
I would like to think that a person with a heart condition would not attempt to tackle such a feast. They would at least be aware that it wasn't a very good idea and be able to make an informed choice. That's not good enough for the health fascists though. It must be banned; removed from the menu so nobody can have a go at it.
Greasy spoon owner Martin Smith said the gigantic breakfast, which comes on a 2.5 sq ft plate, is 'just a bit of fun', with the menu inviting diners to tuck in and 'leave a stone heavier'.
The diner owner has refused to take his big breakfast off the menu but has agreed to help raise money for the HeartCare charity.
Should have just told them to get stuffed. Now your breakfast will be contributing money to a charity that will use it to hector you and bully you about that same breakfast.
The breakfast has not yet been assessed by Guinness World Records, but according to records would take the title of the largest commercially available English breakfast.
The current holder, as of 1 December 2009, could be bought at Mario’s Cafe Bar in Westhoughton, Bolton, weighing an average of 6lb 7oz.

Blogging may be light for a while. I'm off to Gt Yarmouth. *Slobber*


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