Who are they protesting to?

Protests over 'stolen' election in Congo turn violent with 143 arrested in central London

More than a hundred people were arrested in central London last night at a demonstration over elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo, police said.
Most of the arrests came at about 9pm after a group broke away from the main protest and began to damage property including cars and shops as well as threatening members of the public, according to Scotland Yard.
The demonstration had started in Whitehall at about 11.30am after agreement with police for a static protest.
Officers detained the group in Lower Regent Street close to the junction with Waterloo Place and 110 people were arrested on suspicion of affray.

The bitterly contested election has sparked violence in the African country which has left at least 18 people dead.

Protests in London about an election in the Republic of Congo? What is going on here?

I'm assuming these demonstrators didn't fly over from Congo to be in London for the protests so they must live here.

They've left their home country to escape whatever it is they don't like back home, taken up residence in England with all the rights and privileges therein, and now they are protesting and breaking things because they want someone else, presumably our government, to do something about the problems they came here to escape.

At least that's how it looks to me. Tell me if I'm wrong.


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