After every election, paradise begins...

According to Shuiab Khan

The Government always ends up blaming the last lot in charge

Well this lot have so far done a terrible job of fixing the mess we're in, making it even worse in some cases, but they didn't create the original mess.
It has been a week of strikes and strife and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any better.
Every third person I speak to has an opinion on the subject. Not sure all of them are thought out.
But I would think they make more sense than the words those people in charge have been coming up with.
Despite having analysed everything isn’t it surprising the government always end-up blaming the last lot in charge.
You would think by now you we will have come up with better set of excuses.
Not really. The previous government created a huge mess. Who else would the new government blame for that?
I am more than certain the next government will blame the one before it. And so on and so forth.
In fifty years time the government in charge will have a regular pop at the last one.
It seems to be easiest way out of any mess.
What do you expect? We have a two party system, one left leaning and one right. That gives us two totally different styles of government. When one takes over from the other they will try to do things their way. They will tell us that the last way was wrong and needs sorting out.

In this instance, the mess that Labour left behind is self evident. No one else is going to take responsibility for that or should be made to. "Labour did this", is a valid excuse.

The only difference this time round seems to be the new Government using 'more of the same' as a solution rather than change.
In any other organisation on the planet an excuse like that would be laughed out of the office.
If I worked on the factory floor and made a huge mess of the place a few months into the job, could I really get out of it by stating it was the bloke before me who did this?
 If it was the previous bloke and not yourself, and you could demonstrate that to your boss, then yes, you would get away with it as your boss would want the old mess cleaning up. If you failed to do that...

Why don’t we run governments like football teams? For instance if the results are bad you can’t blame the last man in charge. You yourself get kicked out.
Because nothing would ever get fixed if we did it like that. After a general election, the economy, employment and the welfare system etc, are not magically reset back to 'perfect', ready for the new lot to mess up. One new government takes on the legacy of the past. If we were to give them a few months to install paradise before booting them out when they failed, we would be changing governments so fast, there wouldn't even be time to make the simplest decisions.
This would make things a whole lot simpler where we were concerned. We would know exactly where we stand.
I doubt it. Our heads would be spinning. It would be simpler to get rid of Governments altogether and sort out the mess ourselves.

Mmmm. Get rid of governments. *Dream*


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