We are all but children who need the guiding hand of the state.

Our attitude to food and fitness 'is fixed at ten years old'
Because we are not responsible for our own actions. The state must guide us through our lives because we are but merely children. (And science must be made to prove this)

If you struggle to lose weight or to say no to an extra helping of pud, don’t blame your willpower - blame your parents.
A person’s attitude towards food and exercise is largely set by the tender age of ten, a study found.
It's not your fault you see.  If you just can't say no, that's got nothing to do with willpower. Blame your parents. Blame society. Blame Canada! Just as long as you don't have to face up to your own inadequacies. And don't worry, the state is here to help.

Newcastle University researcher Heather Brown said that healthy eating habits become engrained in childhood and that is the time for parents, schools and governments to intervene.
Her advice follows study of data on hundreds of pairs of American siblings. Some were adults who lived apart from each other, others were aged between 10 and 18 and still living in the family home.
The results revealed that the diet and exercise habits we pick up in childhood stay with us throughout life.
And these habits cannot be changed of course. Us proles are way too weak and feeble to alter a habit that we leaned in childhood.

I say that in jest but one day it will be true. Our ability to choose, our capacity for rational thought is slowly being bred out of us by muppets who produce 'research' like this and the Governments who believe it all and step in to 'help'.

Writing in the journal Obesity, she said: ‘This demonstrates the importance of early childhood interventions and prevention programmes to promote a healthier population.’
And who pays for all these programs? One of the good things about children is their adaptability. Both emotionally and physically they are able to deal with great change. They heal fast, they get over adversity, they handle emotion. This doesn't all end at 10 years old. Sure, people can become set in their ways as they get on a bit (Like me) but eating habits are certainly not set in stone in childhood.
The study comes a day after official figures for England revealed that one child in three is overweight when they leave primary school at the age of 11.
Almost a fifth are classed as obese, meaning they are so fat they risk knocking years off their lives.
Depending on how you measure it. There is another characteristic of children. We would call it puppy fat, vested interests in the nannying industry would call it obesity.

Experts warn that many of these youngsters will stay fat for the rest of their lives, putting them at greater risk of heart disease, diabetes and other serious illnesses.
I doubt it. The more you lot keep saying, you're fat, you're fat, you're fat, the sooner you will have an anorexia epidemic on your hands. You see children are also impressionable. That's why smoking footballers get hanged in the press.
Tam Fry of the Child Growth Foundation and National Obesity Forum, said the key to turning the tide is to stop children from getting fat in the first place.

Or you'll do what? Take them all into care? That should be good for thier wellbeing.


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