Reaction to a police shooting? You're doing it wrong.

The Police Ombudsman Al Hutchinson has found that the actions of a policeman in shooting dead the driver of a stolen car were critically flawed.

Steven Colwell, 23, failed to stop at a checkpoint in Ballynahinch on 16 April 2006.
He was shot after he ignored the police officer's commands to stop the car.

Mr Hutchinson said that while Mr Colwell's actions were reckless, the police officer's actions played "the greater part" in the tragedy.

Mr Colwell was the driver of a stolen BMW which was facing the officer with its engine revving, in what appeared to be an attempt to escape a vehicle checkpoint, having ignored the officer's commands to stop the car.
Mr Hutchinson found that the officer's actions in discharging two shots created significant risk of further casualties.
Interesting. A criminal shot by the police during the commission of a crime. Police found not to be blameless in the incident.

Why are the Irish not rioting? Why aren't towns in Ireland ablaze and why aren't the local youths out wrecking and looting?  I thought that was how it was done. If you don't like something then cause mayhem and destruction because you're entitled innit.
While praising the Ombudsman report as "thorough and extensive", Mr Colwell's brother Neil said he did not think the family would ever receive justice.
Go on the rampage. The cops may even pay for a lavish funeral.


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