What will our councils waste our money on next?

DARWEN Town Council is pushing for speed humps and a 20mph zone on the main road through the town.

That's right. Speed humps and a 20mph limit on the main road through the town.

We're not just talking about side streets and residential areas here, although that's bad enough, we're talking about a busy thoroughfare through the town centre.

Deputy council leader Steve Duncan came up with the idea for a stretch of Blackburn Road outside the Last Orders pub, after 69-year-old pedestrian Alec Quinn was hit by a car and died in April.
Deputy Leader Steve Duncan needs to resign immediately as he's obviously not up to the job. He wants to disrupt the flow of a busy main road through the town, causing traffic congestion and delays, all because a drunken old man once walked out of a pub and straight into the road.

Of course these days, any such incident is never the fault of the drunken pedestrian but the fault of speeding drivers. Silly measures must be put in place no matter what the cost and inconvenience, because if it saves just one life......
Calls to install railings outside the pub were rejected by Blackburn with Darwen Council over fears that they could obstruct motorists’ views of the road.
Not that it's the responsibility for councils to stop drunks from falling under cars, but if they really wanted to do something, the railing idea would have been ideal.
Barbara Quinn, daughter of Alec Quinn, said she supported the idea.
Of course she does. Bereaved relatives are the most inappropriate people to be commenting on such things.
She said: “Certainly something needs to be done and 600 people people I have surveyed in the town agree.
Just take a look at the 35 comments (so far) under the article. Not one of them agrees with this idea. Not a single one. Where did you get 600 people to agree with this nonsense?

“I keep getting upset when safety ideas are knocked back, but I think this one for a 20mph zone and speed humps is a good one.”

Here? Seriously?
Councils are as thick as mince if they think this idea is a good one. And who do they get to turn on the Christmas Lights? Peppa Pig FFS!


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