Pull the other one Cameron

Rising fears of cyber attacks must not lead to crackdown on internet freedom, says Cameron

Fears of cyber attacks and rising online crime must not be an excuse for a ‘heavy-handed’ crackdown on freedom on the internet, David Cameron said on Tuesday.

Addressing an international cyberspace conference in London, the Prime Minister said it was essential to strike a balance between the needs of online security and the right to free expression.

The call by Mr Cameron for human rights online to be respected was seen as a direct challenge to Russia and China - both represented at the conference - who have been pressing for tighter regulation of the internet through binding international treaties.

Sounds good doesn't it, yet this is coming from the man who wanted to shut down Blackberry and Facebook during the London riots; a move which China picked up on because Cameron has criticised them for censoring the web.

This same Government who now try to tell us they believe the internet should be free are the same ones who told us porn should be blocked at the point of delivery, and managed to bully the main internet suppliers into doing just that for new accounts.

Cameron doesn't believe the Internet should be free anymore than China does. His problem is he wants censorship with the illusion of democracy. Eventually, through reasons of porn, cyber attacks, slanderous bloggers etc, he will be 'forced' to censor the web and it will be done with the blessing of the people.

Cameron also tells us yesterday that he is 'nervous' about banning smoking in peoples cars. The only thing he is nervous about is the fact that the smoking ban has nowhere near the support he would like it to and the public are beginning to see through the anti tobacco lobby and their lies.

All he needs is someone to come out with some new and really believable junk science about the health effects of tobacco smoke in cars and he'll be rubbing his hands in glee at the thought of a ban.

I'm sorry Cameron, I'm just not buying it anymore.