Equal rights, equal debts. Oops!

I find my first reaction to this article to be, "So what?".

Half of Britons being plunged into insolvency are women, the highest proportion since records began, a report revealed yesterday.
It predicts official figures, which will be published tomorrow, will show women account for nearly 50 per cent of all insolvencies in England and Wales for the first time in history.

What did they expect? Traditionally it would have been the male in a relationship who shouldered the burden of any debt, but after fourteen years of over the top feminism, a lot of women no longer 'need' men as they can do anything we can. They've been brought up in a culture where they have to have everything now on credit rather than working for it, but they've also done away with the people who would have traditionally taken responsibility for the repayments.

They could do this because under New Labour, not only did they become entitled to spend money they didn't have, they also became entitled to earn money they weren't worthy of.

Women's rights to employment with an equal wage to men became a farce with women only shortlists for jobs, positive discrimination when employing females, higher wages to bring them in line with men in executive, outdoor or dangerous jobs while they stayed in the 'typing pool', and silly maternity allowances that could see them being paid for staying away from work for almost a year.

Now the tax payer funded bubble has burst, women are finding themselves out of work as fast as New Labour previously created non jobs for them.

Trouble is they still have to pay for the countless handbags they bought on their store cards. Welcome to the world of equality, it involves downs as well as ups.

Experts say they fear it is proof that women have paid the biggest price for the recession, with hundreds of thousands losing their jobs.
More than one million women in Britain are unemployed, with numbers growing by around 500 a day, amid warnings of worse to come.

When money is tight you are not going to employ someone to fix their makeup all day. Make or female, you will take on the person who can best get the job done. When there is a huge possibility that a woman of child bearing age may disappear for a year or three during the early stages of her employment, maybe you would prefer to employ a man.

Many women who do have a job are frustrated because they have been forced into part-time work, which is typically badly paid.
It happens to men too dears.

Women also account for around two-thirds of the State workforce, which means they have been more affected by the Government’s cull of the public sector.
When the public sector positively encourages employing women over men in some misguided attempt at equality for women, then of course they will be hit the hardest when the money tap is switched off and all those with non jobs find themselves out on the street.

Una Farrell, from the Consumer Credit Counselling Service, said: ‘There is a new generation of female bankrupts.
‘Women used to only become insolvent as a result of a major life event, such as marriage breakdown or ill health.
‘Now household budget pressures such as inflation, welfare benefit changes, wage freezes and reduced working hours, are pushing them into bankruptcy.

No, none of those reasons are pushing women into insolvency. Entitlement and bad money management are the culprits.

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