Bad hare day

Here we have a contender for Drama Queen Of The Week and it's only Monday.

A POLICE probe has been launched after complaints were made about a hunt illegally chasing a wild hare.
Officers are looking into claims a pack of hounds followed by around 20 hunters on horseback were chasing the animal across fields between Barnoldswick and West Marton on Saturday afternoon.
The hunters, dressed in red blazers, black jodhpurs and black safety helmets, were spotted by a number of animal lovers who said they were deeply shocked at what happened.

It's surprising enough that a number of animal lovers who don't eat meat or wear leather were randomly in the area to see the hunt. It's less surprising that they were 'deeply shocked', as that seems to be the stock emotion for anyone who gets their name in the papers these days; what has my gast totally flabbered is the unbelieveable over reaction of this drama queen:

Carole Mitchell, 51, of Ollet Hall Road, Darwen, was visiting her three pet sheep in Stock Road, near Barnoldswick when she saw the hunt.
She said: “It was absolutely awful. I locked myself in the car because I just couldn’t bear it.
“It is so shocking to watch. There was this horrific screaming and I couldn’t tell if it was the dogs or the hare.”

Let's read that one again:

I locked myself in the car because I just couldn’t bear it.

And of course the police have to investigate any old complaint no matter how silly it is because they just can't say no to pillocks these days.

So Carole Mitchell of Owlet Hall Rd, Darwen, you are this weeks, Drama Queen of the Week.


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