Another 'funding running low' charity bleat.

Children's Society warns over young runaways

Last week it was The NSPCC, this week we have the Children's Society with a 'please donate' scare story. Haven't the MSM cottoned on to the fact that they are providing free advertising for big business when they report these unfounded press releases?

Only a small proportion of the tens of thousands of children who run away each year are reported to police as missing, a report suggests.
Straight in there with the unfeasibly large figures. And how do they know that tens of thousands of children run away if they are not reported?

Some 84,000 under 16-year-olds ran away overnight on at least one occasion every year in England, the study for the Children's Society has found.
Only 17% of runaways said they were reported to the police as missing.
So they asked the children. Lets assume that as many as one in ten children run away from home at some point, that means they must have spoken to 840,000 children to come up with the figure of 84k runaways. Or did they just extrapolate from a small study of 200ish? I know where my money is.

The report is based on research with children aged 14 to 15 years old in schools across England.
I wonder how many of the children questioned said, "Yeah, I run away all the time me, cos I'm 'ard innit". You know what kids are like for the truth.

The charity urged the government to make the plight of runaway children a top priority.
I hope they don't. What about the economy or Europe? Much higher priorities methinks.

Children's Society chief executive Bob Reitemeier said: "We are deeply concerned that tens of thousands of children are still running from home or care.
You know, it's not just the dodgy figures or the questionable reporting methods, no one has asked the question "why?"

Reading this report in the MSM you would be forgiven for believing that all these thousands of children are running away from home because they are being abused or otherwise mistreated.

How many children run away from home for a night because they are stubborn children, because they think they know it all or simply because they can?

I ran away once. I stayed at a pals and came back in the morning. I ran away because I had had an argument with my parents, but mainly because they were right and I was very wrong.

It wasn't due to any family problems, no lasting harm came from it and it wasn't reported to the police.

I bet there are many such incidences in the Children Society statistics, even though such things would fall well within the realms of, "None of their business".

As for children running away from care, my mum has worked in many care homes and the little shits were buggering off all the time.

"Some children are so desperate that they steal, turn to drugs or alcohol or are abused by adults who groom them.

And most of them go home with their tail between their legs the next day. Running away from home is a serious undertaking, surviving for any length of time after is even more so. Often it is simply an eyeopener to arrogant teenagers who think they know best.

Too often they are alone and desperate for help.
And whose fucking fault is that? Go home then.

"Everybody has a part to play in making runaways safe."
Not so. The main responsibility will fall on the parents and the runaways themselves. In extreme circumstances there are the police and social services.
Charities like yourselves have a bigger responsibility to not perpetuate the problem with your scaremongery, dodgy statistics and downright lies.


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