Single women on IVF

Couples 'are losing out in IVF lottery': Single women are being given treatment above them

Single women are routinely being given IVF on the NHS, an investigation has found – while elsewhere married couples are being turned down.
Nearly a fifth of Primary Care Trusts will offer the fertility treatment to women even if they are not married or in a long-term relationship.
And the same proportion give IVF to the over-40s – contrary to NHS guidelines, as the chances of success at this age are slim.

Personally I'm not sure if IVF treatment should be available free to anyone.

We are forced to pay for the NHS so the NHS should treat our injuries and illnesses as required. Not being able to conceive a child does not fall into this category in my opinion. Having a child is not a right.

What I am sure of is that no single person should be given IVF treatment ever. A child needs a father.

Babies are not pets. They are not like those stupid little dogs that women carry around in their handbags like some kind of "look how stupid I am" fashion statement. A child is a human life that needs to be brought into the world under the right set of variables.

Too many women are forgetting this and having babies because the welfare system actively encourages it. We don't need the NHS to join in this encouragement with free IVF to single women.

Under a law introduced by Labour in 2008, doctors no longer have to consider the ‘need for a father’. Women only have to give assurance that they can provide ‘supportive parenting’.

Does supportive parenting include financial stability or just the ability to claim benefits? Just asking.

Trust new Labour to do away with the need for a father and come up with such a law.

And in the comments:

So single women should be denied their natural instincts to want a family???
What is a family?

 A mother, a father and children. Why have we so lost sight of that?