The problem and the solution

according to The Daily Mail,

Money woes are wrecking family life, say three in four parents

By far the biggest reason given for problems at home is financial pressure (67 per cent) with the damage caused by the credit crunch and recession clearly taking a heavy toll on the family.

Long working hours were cited by 37 per cent of those questioned as being a cause of trouble at home, while one in four were under stress from the fear of losing their job.

So families don't have enough money? Yes I know we are in a recession and times are hard, I've also written a lot lately about 'charities' moaning about the cuts and families moaning about about lack of money. Notice how all these 'reports' are about people with children? If you throw in some think of the kiddies psychology you get the bigger sympathy vote. People without children are still living through a recession and still subject to the same possibility of loosing their jobs. You never hear about them though do you?

You might not bother following the link to the DM article because you've read it all before, however there is something a little different about this one - they propose a solution to the problem, without even realising it.

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Switch it all off! Let's take that one step further shall we? Don't buy all that stuff in the first place. Endless gadgets, bigger telly's, running out to buy the latest iPhone, designer trainers, dog and 4x4, and usually all on credit.

You don't need all this stuff and neither do your kids. Buying the latest must have so that your neighbours think you are rolling in moolah, or because all the other kids at school have it, does not buy you happiness, it turns you into these people in the Daily Mail moaning about how unjust life is.

Next you will be in London demanding the Government tax the rich because you want more of it for yourself.

Don't switch it off, just don't buy it in the first place. Gadgets are not a yuman right.


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