Lybia and beyond

I've had Russia Today on for a bit. I watch it every now and then to get a perspective on events that you don't get from the British media. I wasn't disappointed with tonight's topic.

Interviews with Lybians about the death of Colonel Gadaffi and the future.

A lot of them seemed to be pretty bemused about the whole thing. Some were indifferent to politics, some were just as scared of the new lot as the old and some had had their homes blown up and families killed by NATO.

Some were complaining that anyone with a gun now has the power, that citizens are scared of the rebels and anyone who is heard saying anything positive about the dead dictator is in for a lot of trouble.

Others were complaining that there is no government and no coordination since it went. They were saying who will do this for us and who will do that for us? For a moment I thought I was listening to British people. I suppose they had had their homes blown up and they have no access to drinking water though.

Apparently tribal fighting is also breaking out.

Unless the rebels and the Lybian citizens get their act together very quickly, there may be dark times ahead for that country.

They have just got rid of their dictator. People always assume that in the correct order of things, one minority group must rule while the majority do as they are told. This doesn't need to be the way, yet it always is. I don't imagine it will be long before the Lybians are back under the control of someone they would rather not be. Probably with some kind of Sharia involved.

Don't ask "Who will do this?", then wait for the next dictator to come along. "Do this" yourselves and say no when the next person tries to force you to be governed.


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