This is why we have so many jobsworths - Part 2

Thanks again to A.P.I.L.N. for this next dose of won't you please shut the fuck up.

Prepare yourselves for non story of the year:

Out-of-date pasty sold by Folkestone 99p Store fed to two-year-old


Anyone with a tiny, tiny modicum of common sense knows that a sell by date is a purely arbitry figure that is for guidance purposes only. I've never figure why some people believe food turns deadly, the very day after it's BBE.

When I worked in the pubs, the brewery I was with undertook a huge re-fit in one of thier venues and turned it into one of thier flagship pubs. For the opening night, they stocked it with a wide range of bottled beers, much more than necessary. They then used the purchasing patterns to decide what lines to keep and which to discontinue.

A couple of years after the opening, a lot of these bottles had never been sold and had gone out of date and been stored in the cellar. They finally decided to sell them off to staff. I remember buying about fifty bottles of Coors and ten or so bottles of Gold Label for 50p each. They were all a year out of date and were all fine to drink.

I know sealed bottles of beer are different to pasties, but even food that does go out of date quickly can still be eaten a few days after its BBE with no problems.

I remember a chap going nuts at a bar girl once, about a pack of out of date crisps he had given to his kid. I was off duty and having a drink at the bar. I remember thinking, "Can't hit him, can't hit him".

Fortunately the girl had enough about her to replace his crisps, appologise and then promptly stop taking any more shit.

Not like this story:

BOSSES at a discount shop in Folkestone town centre have admitted selling an out-of-date pasty, which a young mum claims made her young son ill.

It didn't make her son ill, thats rubbish and here's why,

But as he took his first bite she noticed the sell-by date was August 13 – three days before her visit to the store.

He had only took one bite and the BBE on the pie was two days in the past. No way did it make the kid ill. It was probably down to the diet of general junk that this mother feeds her two year old.

And how did she react when she spotted the sell by date?

Miss Woods, a single mum of two who lives in Holywell Avenue, said: "I was absolutely disgusted.
"I grabbed it out his mouth and threw it on the floor but he'd already swallowed.
"I went in straight away and demanded to see the manager. Eventually some guy came out the back and when I showed him the receipt and the packaging he offered me a £5 gift voucher for the store, which I declined.
"I said I'd phone head office and left but Frankie was ill during the next night.
"He was all right thankfully but I didn't get any sleep for worry.
"I believe it was caused by the bite he had taken."
Miss Woods went back to the store the next day but was again offered a £5 voucher.
She said: "I'll never shop there again.
"It was horrible but I'm just relieved I noticed the sell-by date on the packaging or he might have eaten it all."

Clap......clap.......clap.......clap....... Fucking drama queen.

If I was her I would have gone back and politely asked for a replacement or refund, which I would have received without a problem.

She must be a bit unhinged to go to the papers with that load of claptrap above.

If I was the store owner she would have been offered a replacement or refund.

Mr Lalani (The manager) added: "We are very surprised to hear this.

"We regularly check all our products and have regular visits from Trading Standards and comply with all regulations."

Stop sucking up fellah. Nothing you did could possible have caused any harm. People who react like this need telling to shut up and stop expecting to get fifteen minutes of fame / a compensation pay out because of it.

I may expect that kind of tantrum from the two year old but not from an adult. Tara woods needs to grow up.


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