The state created these families. More intervention is the last thing they need.

Family intervention projects 'parenting the parents'

The recent riots which broke out across England prompted Prime Minister David Cameron to say he wanted "rocket boosters" under efforts to turn round the lives of thousands of troubled families.

One of the methods under scrutiny is the existing Family Intervention Project, which sees people receiving one-to-one guidance on how to raise their children, run their lives and stay out of trouble.

I find it almost unbeleiveable that so many adults these days need one on one tuition to show them how to raise children, run thier lives and most of all, stay out of trouble.

I knew what trouble was and how to stay out of it from the age of four. Granted I didn't always stay out of it but there were always consequences when I mis-behaved and I never went as far as getting on the wrong side of the law.

I knew these things because they were taught to me by my parents. They never needed 'family intervention', just as their parents who taught them never needed it either.

My parents were not perfect, they learned parenting as they went along. As a teenager, I was not perfect either. I had to learn to live with parents who taught me a different set of rules and ideals than I would have like to follow, but they were necessary.

I also learned the basics in school. We were tsught right from wrong and the consequesnces of bad behaviour or law breaking. We were taught basic home skills like cooking and budgeting. These were only the basics, my parents did the bulk of the work, but they were a start, a foundation for my folks to build on.

I left school five years before New Labour came into power, so fortunately I missed out on a socilist education. I dread to think what might have happened if I was born into that system.

We now live in a society where there are no consequences for personal actions, where everyone is taught they are entitled to the good things in life without earning them and where people are paid good money just for having children.

Is it surprising how it turned out?

In steps the charity to perpetuate the problem.

Rachel Ruto is on her way to visit a woman who, despite being the mother of nine, has struggled with basic parenting skills.
She's a key worker with a Family Intervention Project (FIP) in Sandwell in the West Midlands, run by the Action for Children charity since 2007.
"Some of these parents, you ask them when was the last time that they cooked, and they say 'I think it was in April'," she adds. "You have to take them to the shops and tell them what to buy because they just live on takeaways."

They just live on takeaways? Me and Mrs Bucko got a takeaway on Saturday night. It cost us sixteen quid.

With nine children she must be bringing in a fortune on benefit money. If people were made to pay for their own children, I guarantee you she wouldn't have nine of them. She wouldn't be able to live on takeaways either, she would have to learn how to cook for herself.

You don't need to take them shopping and tell them what to buy, you need to stop paying them for having kids. They would learn pretty quickly.

The state has created families like this. Hand them everything on a plate and they never learn responsibility. They never learn to do anything for themselves because the state always provides.

And now the state needs to deal with the problem, it decides that further intervention is the answer.

It isn't. The government needs to pull out of peoples lives and take the money with it. (And let the taxpayer keep it) Humans are actually quite resilliant. If you let them fend for themselves they invariably will. They may meet hardships along the way which the government could assist with for a time, but if you let them become reliant on the state they will do. Humans are resiliant but they also have the capacity for laziness when the need to survive has been taken away.
These projects are run in many areas around the country, implemented by various charities, and funded by local authorities. Action for Children have more than 31.

Charities are not funded by local authorities they are funded by voluntary donation. Please, please stop calling yourselves charities.

Action for Children says that, while it costs £173,692 to run Sandwell FIP for a year, £3.8m has been saved since the project began through the work carried out with families.

This saving, it says, was achieved by an improvement in behaviour which has negated the need for future interventions by bodies like the police, welfare and social services.

I know what else would save that money without having to spend 180k of taxpayers money to do it. A real education. Not the wish washy socialist one that tells people they don't need to take responsibility for their own actions but a serious one, like the one I had that teaches children right from wrong, that teaches children responsibility, how to cook, value of money and respect for other people and their property.

Children that have been raised in such a manner will raise their own children along the same lines, and they theirs.

It's time to scrap these charities, scrap the benefits culture, scrap the culture of entitlement, roll back the state and roll back education.

Have I missed anything?


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