Health & Safety primary school nutters strike again.

School confiscates girl's Vaseline for her dry lips... due to health and safety fears
When her seven-year-old daughter complained of dry lips, Joanne Wilkins gave her a tiny tin of Vaseline to apply at school.
But when Ellie-Maye went to use it, it was confiscated – because it is not a prescribed medicine.

Prescribed medicine my eye. I carry one of these pots of Vaseline everywhere I go, and it's not even sexual. I get dry lips and this is the best way to deal with it.

The next day, puzzled as to why the Vaseline had been confiscated, Mrs Wilkins went to see Graham Prince, headmaster of Wistaston Church Lane Primary School.
Mrs Wilkins, [..] said: ‘Ellie-Maye was really upset and I thought there must be some mistake.
‘But he just confirmed that unless the Vaseline was prescribed then she was not allowed to use it in school.

Unless it's prescribed? Vaseline is harmless and requires no prescription. To limit medication to the prescribed variety only is utter bollocks. What about throat sweets? Do you need a prescription for those now.

Why do we have to have permission from someone else before we can do anything these days?

‘Anyone of any age can buy Vaseline in the supermarket. As she had my permission to use it and you don’t even need to buy it from a chemist, it seemed such an over-the-top reaction.’
Mrs Wilkins has now been forced to have the Vaseline prescribed with a doctor’s note – at a cost of £15.

This is the bit that really grips my shit. People faced with this nonsense from these little Hitlers who imagine themselves to be 'in authority', just bend over. These parents should be vigorously fighting this, not running to the doctor, cash in hand for a prescription.

The more we accept shit from above, the more drops down on us.

Last night the school head refused to comment.

Because he knows he's an utter bell end and doesn't want to admit it publicly. An un-named spokesman however, was happy to make that admission.

However, a spokesman from Cheshire East Council said on behalf of the school: ‘The school has to be one hundred per cent certain that any ointment or medication that a child brings into school is safe to use.
‘Our school policy sets out that any type of oral ointment or medicine to be self-administered in school should be prescribed by a physician.

Anyone who is not 100% sure that Vaseline is safe to use, should not be let out in public, never mind be teaching our children; the next generation of adults who should not be growing up believing in this crap.

‘Our only interest is the protection of children in our care and it is with this in mind that we applied our school policy.’

Our only interest is the protection of children? How about protecting them from H&S driven nonsense? How about having an interest in giving them an education rather than confiscating their lip balm and making them feel like dicks?

And as for for hiding behind school policy, surly when that policy is discovered to be incorrect, surely it can be bended or changed in the name of common sense.

I'm sorry, did I just say common sense? That doesn't exist in our education these days, does it. It won't exist in the generation of children that complete their education under the current system.

The next bunch of adults who come out of our schools will be suing people for carrying deadly Vaseline. They will want Vaseline banned because they might catch second hand glossy lips. These are the people that our education system is moulding.

I'm so glad I was born in a time where I completed my stint in school before the socialist took over. Jeez...


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