Feminists and bunnies

The Playboy Club opens again in London tomorrow. Quite predictably, a bunch of feminists who think they can tell other women what to do, are planning to protest the event.

The return of the bunnies has not been welcomed by all, especially women's rights groups UK Feminista and Object who have launched a campaign called 'Eff Off Hef'.
Anna van Heeswijk, campaigns manager for Object, said: "The Playboy Club degrades women as fluffy animals who are marketed as sexual playthings for wealthy men.
"There's nothing classy and sophisticated about sexualising and objectifying women as bunny rabbits.
Ok, so the feminists think it's all about objectifying women, but what do the women themselves think? I mean surely they are not forced to be playboy bunnies, they must want to do it. Am I right?

She was a psychology graduate looking to earn some extra money to fund her post-graduate degree, when she saw the ideal opportunity to earn a bit of cash.
The job advertisement Sara saw in the Metro newspaper last Christmas promised good pay as well as glamour, and it was something she had a passion for.
And now, about six months later and after beating nearly 3,000 other applicants, the 27-year-old from Manchester is about to start her new job - as a Playboy Bunny.

Hmm... It seems she went to an awful lot of trouble to get this job as a Playboy Bunny. It also seems that a large number of other women were also willing to go to these lengths to become Bunnies themselves.

Objectifying women? 3000 applicants don't seem to think so.

"I had a down moment just before Christmas, I was on the Tube and looked at the Metro and saw 'The bunnies are back'," she said.
Her "passion" for the "vintage idea of the 60s" led her to think she would be "a good Bunny".
Teresa, 27, a mother of two originally from Derbyshire, will work as a croupier with Sara.

It was the "glamour" of the brand which attracted her, and apart from the pay - which according to the Mayfair Croupier Academy website can be up to £30,000 a year - "the hours in which I work allows me to be a mother".

Be careful chuck, the feminists are trying desperately to take this opportunity away from you for your own good.


"Hugh Hefner very much put himself forward as trying to create a liberation for men away from the home so the men could be the ultimate playboys and have as many girlfriends as they want and these girlfriends are dehumanised as bunny rabbits."

Sara: "Of course I am academic, (and) I consider myself an intelligent, articulate person but I am also allowed to have fun and to feel like a woman."

I would be careful with your use of the word fun. The righteous tend to get all anal on anyone who wants to have a bit of fun these days. Fun cannot be allowed.

Miss Heeswijk said: "The protest is not geared towards the Bunnies at all. Our focus is on the industry which makes money out of degrading and exploiting women."

No love, it's just because you have nowt better to do in your very boring and conformist life. Have a beer and light up a fag, you might start to see things differently.

More than 100 women have promised to join the 'Eff Off, Hef' protest at the launch of the club.

I think the Bunny Girls should serve these protesters tea and coffee while they are there.

Looking to the future, Sara said: "I would like to have a doctorate in clinical psychology and practice within the NHS, but you never know with life."

And the very best of luck to you.


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