Lazy Sunday Afternoon. Pub quiz time. *Answers*

No blogging on a Sunday and besides, it's Darwen Live later on so here's a quick pub quiz:
*Updated with answers*

Q1) How long is the Camptown racetrack?

Five miles

Q2) Name the film:

Jodie Foster stars as the dedicated astronomer who receives a message from extraterrestrials explaining how humble humans can build a spacecraft and go to meet them.


Q3) How many psychiatrists does it take to change a lightbulb?

Only one but it has to really want to change.

Q4) How many books are in the 'Chronicles of Narnia'? A bonus point for naming them all.

Seven books. In reading order:
The Magicians Nephew
The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe
The horse and his boy
Prince Caspian
The voyage of the Dawntreader
The sliver chair
The last battle

Q5) Which was the first Star Trek film that did not feature Captain Kirk?

First contact

Q6) Who is Reginald Dwight better known as?

Elton John

Q7) The TV show titled 'Head Cases' was the pilot for which legal drama?

Boston Legal

Q8) In snooker, who scored the first televised 147 break?

Steve Davies

Q9) It is currently in fashion to hate TESCO, but do you know what the acronym 'TESCO' stands for?

TESCO comes from the two names, T.E. Stockwell and Albert Cohen.

Q10) Name this actor:

Michael Chiklis from The Shield


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