Insulated from real life.

Huhne announces crackdown to force landlords to install green measures

New bosses, same as the old bosses.

Thousands of landlords will face fines if they fail to install insulation under new legislation to make every home in Britain as energy efficient as possible.

Why, oh why must we keep finding new and imaginative ways to penalise people trying to make a living and go about their lives?

The crackdown on owners who rent out draughty or inefficient properties was announced by Chris Huhne, the Climate Change Secretary, in an effort to restore his green credentials.

WTF should he need with green credentials. Must keep sucking up to the bloody environmental lobby eh?
It will mean more than 680,000 properties will have to be done up over the next seven years.
However it will cause concern among landlords who are already struggling with rising costs.

Didn't the Tories campaign on the back of a promise to reduce red tape for businesses. Can the Camermong not keep his Lib-Dem underlings in line? Probably doesn't want to. The country is going down the shitter anyway, got to get the money from somewhere.

The Lib Dem minister is under pressure to prove he still cares about the environment after a leaked letter showed his cabinet colleagues are considering ignoring the recommendation of government advisers to cut greenhouse gases by 60 per cent by 2030.

Well you spineless sack of shit! Ignoring the recommendation of government advisers to cut greenhouse gases by 60 per cent by 2030 is the best thing he could possibly do. The idea is bloody absurd. But now the letter has been leaked and he has been found out, he's decided to kick the shit out of a bunch of landlords in order to regain his street cred with the ecoloons.
Mr Huhne is also under fire after his party lost the AV vote and his ex-wife made a number of accusations in the newspapers.

*Two inch willy*

In a speech to the House, he insisted he was still part of the “greenest government ever”.

I'll rejoice when we get the smallest government ever.
The new measures will mean households can take out loans of up to £10,000 from the local supermarket to carry out energy efficiency measures on their homes, like double glazing windows or solid wall insulation.

The local supermarket? Is that right? Like Sainsburys? Is he forcing ASDA and Tesco to lend people money for loft insulation?

The legislation had been criticised for not being tough enough on the private sector but in a shock move, Mr Huhne said landlords that refuse to upgrade homes to at least a certain rating of energy efficiency will face a penalty.

I wonder who criticised it? Someone who thinks the private sector should be squeezed till the pips squeak in order to pay for green nonsense no doubt, and I don't reckon it came as too much of a surprise to learn he would be fining people who don't toe the line.
Dave Timms, Friends of the Earth’s Warm Homes campaigner, welcomed the legislation.

*Two inch willy*

"Legislation to ensure rented homes meet a basic standard of insulation is a bold and significant step forward which will protect many vulnerable families from fuel poverty and high energy bills in the future,” he said.

There's that over used word again - poverty.

I've got a great way to end fuel 'poverty' and high energy bills. Stop building bloody bird mincers. And who are these 'vulnerable' families anyway and why do they need protecting by the government?
But the Association of Residential Letting Agents voiced concerns that some landlords will just not let property, rather than carry out refurbishment.

"There is a risk that property could just lay empty," said a spokesman.

I doubt they will stay empty for long.