Friday night Moose music - Where are they now.

Harold Faltermeyer.

Born in Germany in 1952, Harold Faltermeyer is best know for doing the music scores in 80's action films.

The theme to Beverly Hills Cop being the most renowned.

His work on the soundtrack to Top Gun was said to have re-defined music in action films.

As a session musician, arranger and producer, Faltermeyer has worked with several international pop stars including Donna Summer, Amanda Lear, Patti LaBelle, Barbra Streisand, Glenn Frey, Blondie, Laura Branigan, La Toya Jackson, Billy Idol, Jennifer Rush, Alexis, Cheap Trick, Sparks, Bob Seger, Chris Thompson, Bonnie Tyler and the Pet Shop Boys.*


Running Man

Kuffs (My personal favourite, and what a good film)

After Tango & Cash, Faltermeyer moved back to Germany to raise his kids, but came back into the fold in 2009 to do the music score for a comedy action film called Cop Out.

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