Friday night Moose music - Where are they now?

The Pogues.

Formed in Kings Cross London in 1982 by Shane McGowan, Peter "Spider" Stacey and Jem Finer, the Pogues achieved success with their first album, 'Red Roses For Me' in 1984.

With the help of Elvis Costello, apparently, the Pogues released 'Rum, Sodomy and the Lash', the following year in 1985.

The band failed to capitalise on the success of the first two albums. Cait O'Riordan married Elvis Costello and quit the band.
She was replaced by Darryl Hunt of 'Plummet Airlines' (LOL) and Terry Woods of Steeleye Span also came on board.

With this new line-up they released their third album, If I Should Fall From Grace With God, which featured a Christmas duet with Kirsty McColl, The Fairytale of New York.

In 1989 they released the album, Peace and Love with the cover art featured the six fingered boxer. At this time, Shane McGowans boozing was becoming a problem for the band. They eventually sacked him in 1991.

Joe Strummer took over vocals followed by Spider Stacey. Woods, Fearnley and Chevron left the band one after the other. The band finally split in 96 after the failure of their fifth and final album.

Spider Stacy, Andrew Ranken and Darryl Hunt, the three longest serving members joined a band called the Vendettas. They all eventually went separate ways, playing and writing for bands including Bish, The Municipal Waterboard and The Mysterious Wheels.

The Pogues, with Shane McGowan, re-formed for a Christmas tour in 2001.

They are still playing their hearts out across the US and UK today.


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