The poor are so out of touch.....

.......with the better off and rich in society.

The poor just don't understand what it means to be well off. They've never had money, they've never tried to experience what it is like to have money.

How can they understand what it's like to create your own success. To work fifteen hour days, six or seven days a week to build a company from the ground up sacrificing life and family to a level of dedication required to create a living, breathing business.

How can they know what it's like to create jobs and opportunities for people in the community? To be responsible for the lives and well being of many other people. To make decisions that will affect others; decisions that have to be correct one hundred percent of the time lest you fail those who rely on you for their very livelihood.

What must it be like to be one of the highest rate tax payers. To break your back building a successful enterprise, only to have the Inland Revenue step in and take the largest slice of your profits to be distributed among those who have done nothing to earn them.

And when you've achieved your success, what then? When you decide to take a bit of a break, step back from the business and only work a couple of days a week, leaving the main day to day running to your trusted managers, people call you lazy. Your employees who have a job because of your sacrifices begin to resent you because they are on minimum wage but you have a nice house and an expensive car while only working a few hours per week.

The media start to vilify you, the lazy and feckless call for you to be made to pay more taxes.

You already pay much more in tax than most, but those on tax credits with more children than they can afford are demanding that you pay even more while they bleed the system dry.

The government has another pop at you too. They increase the minimum wage, demanding that you pay more of your money for the same output. They bolster the employment laws ensuring you can't fire people for being lazy and stupid. They make you pay for people to leave work for months to have a baby or even just to be "stressed".

They create so many rules and regulations it become financially untenable to continue as you are. You have to increase your prices in order to take up the slack but then you are called greedy.

No matter how hard you try, it always seems that everyone else is against you. Rules, regulations, taxes, vitriol and bile. Hardly seems worth it does it?

No one talks about the good work you have done, the jobs you have created, the learning opportunities you have given people, the improvement to the economy from your goods and services that have been purchased by people who want or need them.

Folk just don't understand. How could they, they've never been there.

Keep up the good work though. Without folk like you we would really be in the shit........


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