My man cave

I began converting my attic last summer so I could have a bit of a personal retreat. The space was there and unused so it seemed like a good idea. It wasn't a proper conversion, I just gave it an inner shell to make the space habitable.

I've got it just how I want it now and have started using it on a regular basis.

Access is a bit restricted but that just adds to the exclusivity:

All the wood you see in the walls came from broken pallets I got from work. I just had to buy the screws. Bloody hundreds of them:

Mrs Bucko bought me this from a car boot sale:

And here's my collection of 12" vinyl from my youth, plus a Sega Dreamcast I got on Freecycle:

Do you remember Crossbows and Catapults? I have one of them up there along with a Spectrum +2 with loads of games:

And this is my pride and joy. I thought it would be quiet enough playing the drums in the attic but I was wrong. You can hear them down the street apparently:

Do any other bloggers out there have a personal retreat? I bet Richard and The Wasp do.


I got my relaxing day today. I read a few blogs in bed this morning and didn't rise until 11am. Most of the afternoon was spent chopping wood and then working on the car. Two hours drumming practice early this evening then here I am, blogging with a few bottles of Wychwood.

I bought a car off ebay a couple of weeks ago. H reg Renault Laguna with twelve months MOT and four months tax for 265 quid. Absolute bargain!

Take a look at this:

Yeah I know it's not my kind of car but it's only a stop gap.

Overall it's in very good nick for it's age (H reg) with only 88k on the clock. It does have one problem though. When you start it and run it until it gets warm, the automatic gearbox kicks into safe mode. You have to pull over, stop and restart the engine and then carry on. Usually it doesn't happen again for the rest of the journey. I thought I had tracked it down to a faulty air flow sensor but that didn't solve the problem.

I took the front wheels off today to check out the brakes and discovered that someone has cut the wires off the brake pad sensors. I don't know if that is the problem or if another owner has done this in a failed attempt to solve the same problem I am having.

I managed to re-connect one of them today but the other will have to wait for another time.

Has anyone else experienced and similar problems or does anyone have any idea what the fault may be?

On a lighter note, here's a totally un politically correct film I spotted:

Click to biggen

Kung Foo Flid? Unarmed but dangerous? I've seen it all now.


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