It's the wrong kind of silver

Taxi driver banned from the road...because his cab is the wrong shade of silver

Asif Khan has worked as a taxi driver in Manchester for seven years.
But when he decided to swap his private-hire car from a silver Volkswagen Passat to a silver Honda Accord, he hit a snag.
The father-of-two was told by Manchester council that his badge could not be renewed because the new car did not meet the town hall's strict colour code.

They have a colour code for taxis? Councils just love making up petty rules for us minions to live by, but council approved colours for taxis? What on earth is that all about?

Bosses have ruled that cabs must be white or silver - and have issued a colour 'swatch' showing the exact shades which qualify.
The rule was brought in by Manchester council as a safety measure to help crackdown on bogus taxi drivers.

Ah I see. It's to prevent people other than the owners of many white and silver vehicles from posing as taxi drivers. What a cunning plan.

He said: 'I have been to the council twice and they say it is grey.
'The only way I can get it passed is by buying a new car or re-spraying it.
'But it's practically the same colour as my old car. It says silver in the log book and on the insurance documents.

If the council says it's grey then it must be. If the council says we've always been at war with Eastasia....

A spokesman for Manchester council said: 'The council has had a colour policy for private-hire vehicles for several years to improve passenger safety...

Because passengers are in danger from nasty blue or red cars...
'Manchester's licensed private-hire vehicles can be either silver or white, but difficulties have arisen because the DVLA's definition of silver includes shades ranging from grey to blue.
'A clearer definition of silver was introduced in 2008 to avoid confusion and make it easier for taxi operators when choosing new vehicles.

You know what would make it even easier? Let them have any colour they want.

'However, some people do make mistakes and in cases like this we provide advice and refund the application fee.'

Oh the eternal benevolence...


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