In this life, you only get 152 chances.

'Last chance' for former Nelson thief with 151 convictions

The title of this article says it all really. This thiefs 152nd chance is now his last one.

Bradford Crown Court heard that Michael David Dwyer, formerly of Nelson, had broken into PJ’s Diner, when he was short of bus fare, taking £45 from the till and £75 from under the counter.

But the owner found a bloody tissue when he reopened the diner the following day, and a match was found with Dwyer’s DNA profile.

The court heard Dwyer had 151 convictions, dating back to 1994.

151 previous convictions and still he gets...

He was given a 12-month community order, including supervision and a three-month nightly curfew.

What makes them think this time is going to be any different to the last ones?

His barrister Nicholas Walker said his client, while on remand, had had a chance to reflect on his life, with the imminent arrival of his second child.

Well that explains it. But wait. Did he not reflect on his life all the other times he was on remand, or when his first child was born. Should I really be the one asking these questions? Are British magistrates fit for purpose anymore?

Dwyer had given police assistance in clearing up a number of unsolved crimes so he could make a fresh start, he added.

Now that's a better explanation. He clears up a lot of unsolved crimes, making the coppers look good, and gets off nice and lightly.

useyourhead, great harwood says...
4:48pm Mon 28 Feb 11
It would have been better for society if his dad had just left a tissue behind!

Now that comment made me giggle.


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