No job cuts today

All hail Ribble Valley Council. They've slashed 1.6 million pounds from thier budget, but avoided any redundancies.

So if the council is not over bloated by staff, how did they manage to save all that money?

Amongst other things:
Cuts include stopping a £19,000 grant to support the Roefield Leisure Centre and scrapping four apprenticeship places saving £80,000.

A £19,000 grant for the homeless will also be withdrawn.

19 grand for fat whaps who can't take responsibility for their own health, 80 grand paying the unemployed to go to work and a 19 grand whiskey and brown paper bag bill. I'm all for it, but why no redundancies?

Town hall bosses said four director posts had been reduced to three under a management shake-up last September, saving £150,000.

150 grand for one council director? Not bad if you can get it eh?
Coun Ranson said: “Like all other local authorities, Ribble Valley Borough Council has seen a large reduction in financial support from the Government, but this reduction was inevitable and we have been preparing for it for some time.

They've been stockpiling the council tax money. I wonder how big the pot is?

“We have, therefore, been able to recommend a budget to full council that proposes a council tax freeze, with no reductions in services to residents and no compulsory redundancies, while maintaining our support for charitable and voluntary organisations.

Don't worry, Diversity and Inclusion Officers. Your jobs are safe.

For now.


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