Bye bye Mubarak, bye bye.

Apparently, Egyptian president Mubarak is about to address the nation and step down.

It's about time too. Well done Egypt.

The question is, what will come next? Who will take over?

The people have come this far, I hope they don't just welcome the next person to come along and claim the hot seat. This is a unique opportunity take grasp their destiny by the horns and embrace freedom from the state.

Will they settle for second best and accept the next tin pot who pops along with words of democracy, or will they embrace their freedom and hold on to it.

Opportunity knocks. Will they open the door?

Mubaraks address to the nation is due shortly.

*Update* He's not stepping down after all. He is going to remain in power until the next elections, but he won't stand for re-election. Oh well.


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