Job creation at it's best

Apparently you need a permit to have a hypnotist perform at your venue.

The trouble is, the council have no idea what kind of permit.

In true public service style, they hold a meeting and make it up as they go along.

COUNCIL bosses were left bamboozled after a TV hypnotist booked a stage show at Burnley Mechanics.
But there is no provision for a hypnotism act at the Mechanics, prompting a special meeting of the borough’s licensing committee next Tuesday.

No provision for hypnotism? Why not just make provision. Or let it go. Can it not be that simple?
Peter Henderson, the borough’s licensing manager, said: “The council does not have a policy in relation to hypnotism performances.

A further report will address this issue and will seek to establish standard conditions, fees and delegated powers.”

Of course it can't



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