Don't worry, your charity money is safe


THREATENED cuts to community groups will hit the worst-off in Rossendale valley, according to a Labour councillor.

Just over £108,000 will be scrapped from the budget for community grants by the borough council.

Cuts will affect the "worst off" because Labour have been throwing money at the, so call "Poor" or "vulnerable" for years now.

Of course they are going to loose out as the cuts bite. Maybe now they can learn to fend for themselves without constant handouts. Or maybe the charities and community groups can do what they are supposed to: Collect money themselves from public donations, not taxpayers money.

She said: “Many local community groups bring money into the valley through successful applications to trusts and foundations.

“However, these types of funders always want reassurance that a local group is working to local priorities.

"If a local authority is taking away funding from a local group, it’s hard to show that local priorities are being met.”

I'm sorry, what? Did anyone else understand that.