Just plain dumb

I've just been trawling Google in a bit of spare time and I spotted this article in the Fail about oral cancer, written in October last year. It's pure twaddle and a bit out of date so I was going to pass it by, but I had to say something about this:
Drinking, smoking and unhealthy diets have fuelled a doubling in mouth, throat and food pipe cancers in young people, experts have warned.

Food pipe cancer? What the fuck is a food pipe? Bwahahahahahahaha!

Is The oesophagus too big a word for modern Britain?

Each year the diseases, known as upper aero-digestive tract cancers, kill 10,000 people in the UK and more than 100,000 across Europe.

But according to the NHS website:

Mouth cancer is uncommon but certainly not rare, and rates have risen by more than 20% in the last 30 years. There were 4,199 new cases of oral cancer diagnosed in England during 2006.

As I said, twaddle


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