Nicest group of lads to ever go on violent rampage.

Here's one for Julia

Chorley brothers locked up for brutal rampage

THREE brothers have been locked up after a ‘brutal and sickening’ violent rampage at a town centre pub.

Jake Clarke, 23, Luke Clarke, 25 and 19-year-old Joseph Clarke, were involved in a number of incidents at the Prince of Wales, New Market Street, Chorley.
During the late night incident in October last year, the brothers, all of Heapey Road, Chorley, attacked a 19-year-old woman and her boyfriend inside the premises.
The teenager had her eye socket broken and her boyfriend sustained several cuts and bruises to his face and body.
The brothers then left before returning around five minutes later to the front of the pub where they attacked a member of the door staff, dragging him to the floor before repeatedly kicking, punching and stamping on his head, causing him to lose consciousness.
A man who attempted to assist the doorman was also punched and knocked unconscious.
At Preston Crown Court the three pleaded guilty to violent disorder and assault with regard to the Prince of Wales incident.
On Friday, Jake Clarke and Luke Clarke were handed 14 months jail sentences while Joseph Clarke was given 12 months detention at a youth offenders’ institution.
DC Ian Hassall from Chorley CID said: “This was a particularly nasty attack and it is good to see justice being brought to these individuals.
Three brothers violently attack a girl and her boyfriend, then come back and beat a doorman and a passerby unconscious.
Of course they deserved all they got and more, however, the scumbag chav element once again rears it's ugly head in the comments section to remind us what pillars of society these violent cowards are:

mysay22, lancs says...

10:12pm Wed 8 Dec 10

The point being you dont know these people and what right do you have to judge,no you dont know what happened and never will.Your small minded and a **** in my eyes as you dont know how the event played out and as for the papers all they print is what they over hear in a court room or by hear say.And as for people puttin the parents down how dare you what if your child got court up in a situation like this what would you do if it was your child.You will NEVER meet a nicer set of lads from a great family they would do anything for any one i should know they helped me out !!!!!!
They helped you out, eh? In what way. Did they kneecap someone for you, who looked at you the wrong way down the pub?
What if it was your child? They haven't been run over by a drunk driver, they've shattered a girls eye socket in a pub fight.

mysay22, lancs says...

10:02am Thu 9 Dec 10

think you will find some 19 year old girls think they are as hard as ten men,and she has he boyfriend to thank for her bein caught up in it all,also the cause of it all was her and her fella ow and by the way the whole thing started as a 1 on 1 and finished with 2 of the door staff on 1 19 year old lad thats when the brothers got involved so again you dont know any of the facts so how can u comment !
The force is strong in this one. Not!
2 door staff on one 19 year old lad? That's what the door staff are there for, to bin the troublemakers.

Good riddance to the scum bags. Well, for a few months anyway.


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