Government referees?

Our benign and friendly government want to intervene in every aspect of out daily lives because it is good for us and they know best. They only have our best interests at heart because they really care about us.

They banned smoking in public places, which can only be a good thing. They are trying to stop us drinking alcohol and they don't want us to get fat or consume too much salt.

Is it really because they care? It seems like they just might be trying to stop us enjoy ourselves. No, it can't be that. If it was, they would probably try to regulate football, the staple enjoyment of England.


They do want to regulate football?Nooooo!

MPs are to investigate how professional football in England and Wales is governed to see if it requires government intervention to reform it.
 I've linked to the article if you want to read it, but I'm sure you know how it goes so I'm not going to quote it. Only to say this:

No government intervention is required. Football is a business. It is designed to make money for the people that own the clubs and those that work / play for them. It makes money because the fans pay to see the games and buy the merchandise. A free an informed exchange of values.

No government intervention is required.

In fact, that goes way beyond football. In every aspect of social life that I can think of, NO GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION IS REQUIRED

Please, please just leave us alone.

*DISCLAIMER* I hate football. But I love liberty.


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