There's no excuse for mixed veg.

I'm full of food and happy. Mrs Bucko has made a lovely tea with tomato soup to start and spiced pork with some potato scallopy things, and I've just shared a doughnut with my cat.

Mrs Bucko likes to eat mixed veg. I don't. I don't know anyone else who does.

When she made tonight's tea she accidentally did far too much mixed veg. It was inevitable that a certain amount of this veg would end up in the bin.

There were three possible ways she could have binned this veg:

1) Serve herself a portion and bin the rest.
2) Serve herself the whole lot and bin what she doesn't eat.
3) Serve us both a portion so mine can sit on my plate throughout the meal and then I bin it.

She picked the only option that could contaminate my cauliflower cheese.

There's just no excuse for mixed veg.


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