RSPCA in financial trouble?

Preston's RSPCA centre suffers cash crisis

An animal centre in Lancashire could be forced to close more than half its kennels and make four staff redundant due to a funding shortfall.
Apparently This branch of the RSPCA get no funding from the government or the central RSPCA. They rely entirely on fundraising and public donations.

The RSPCA is one of the richest charities in the country, yet a branch that gets no government money is struggling to survive.

We've all seen the new raft of heart wrenching adverts designed to part us with as much of our money as possible, but

"If we don't take drastic action now we could end up having to close the animal centre completely which would have huge consequences for animal welfare in the Preston area."

If the funding situation does not improve, four of the 14 staff posts will be made redundant and the number of kennels will be reduced to 32.
 Could it be the recession? The smoking ban? Why are they not getting those donations. The kittens in the adverts are really cute, too.

The RSPCA's centre in Ribbleton, which has 66 kennels, cost £459,000 to run last year and relies on legacies people leave in their wills.
In 2008, £375,000 was left to the branch, but by the end of September this year just £47,762 had been left.
If I was a cynical man, I might think that people are realising,The RSPCA are not what they seem.


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