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This guy is a PE teacher at a local school. He was recently arrested for drink driving and fighting, and was suspended from his job.
He was banned for two years and fined, but after the trial he was reinstated in his job because he has had a perfect record so far and is apparently a very good teacher.

That seems like the right result to me. No harm was done and this conviction has no bearing on his job with the school.

A few people commented on the article that their kids go to the school and they agree that he should keep his job.

Cue the righteous muppet with an off the shelf response:

Sox, Blackburn says...
9:26pm Wed 24 Nov 10 
It's very admirable that you are all leaping to Mr McGrath's defence but what would have happened if, in his drunken state, he had run over and killed a child?
  I was going to offer a response but quickly realised I could not top this one:

May I congratulate you on your charming pastiche of a emply headed, fliptard?
You use the word 'IF'.
Let's give you another hypothetical situation, as you appear to be very fond of them.
IF my grandma have had a pair of balls & a nob, then she'd bee my grandad.
 He has a point.


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