The Biggest Monster on Halloween - Passive Smoking.

Amazing isn't it?

But most will fail to warn about the biggest risk, one which may kill more children this Halloween than all of the others combined: smoking in their presence by adults.

Breathing in cigarette smoke from adults will actually kill children this Halloween. I wonder if they will follow up that press release with actual figures of the number of dead kids in America this morning. I doubt it.

secondhand tobacco smoke kills more than one thousand children every year from diseases including respiratory syncytial bronchiolitis, asthmatic attacks, and other respiratory complications.  This doesn't even include the larger number of deaths each year from SIDS apparently triggered by tobacco smoke.

150,000-300,000 lower respiratory infections like pneumonia and bronchitis; 7,500-15,000 hospitalizations; 200,000-1,000,000 asthma attacks; 8,000-26,000 new cases of asthma; and - as noted - a large increase in deaths from SIDS.

The figures just get more and more fantastic. Nobody knows what causes SIDS, yet of course the anti tobacco lobby have all the answers that science does not.

It's like they are trying to push the boundaries of credibility; trying to discover what is the most nonsensical pie in the sky rubbish they can get people to believe.

Here's some more of their flirtations with sanity:

Scare the children
While parents assure their young children that vampires are only imaginary, they can also use the occasion to warn kids about the real monsters who really do try to enslave them, and do cause long and lingering deaths.

Smoking makes you unemployed.
Residents of France who continue to smoke are imposing huge costs on the great majority of the French who do not smoke,

Smokers are worse than shoplifters.
Today's report that shoplifting costs the average American family about $425 each year is nothing compared to the costs imposed by smoking, which are almost five times higher, and about which something can easily be done, says ASH

E-cigs are even worse.
E-cigarettes are "just as bad" as conventional cigarettes, says the Malaysian Health Ministry, noting that "there is concern this nicotine delivery to the human lung might result in stronger toxicological, physiological and addictive effects."

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