Unbeleiveable Cunt(s)

I spotted this at Angry People. (Always a funny read).

Neighbours get bigger bills after council tax complaint

DOZENS of residents have been hit by a hike in their council tax bill - because one of their neighbours complained they were paying too much.
More than 40 households in the East Craigs area have been told that their council tax band is being changed, adding hundreds of pounds to their annual bill.

The change was the result of a complaint from a resident on Bughtlin Park.
He informed the Lothian Valuation Joint Board (LVJB) that he was paying more than his neighbours in council tax, despite living in a similar three-bedroom home
Civil servant Scott Brodie, who lives on Bughtlin Park and is one of the residents affected by the rise in rates, has now seen his bill increase from £1526 to £1764 after his band was changed from D to E.

He said: "Thanks very much to the resident of Bughtlin Park who was involved.

"I trust you will be able to sleep at night now that you have caused around 40 residents some much-needed hardship, especially the elderly, in the run-up to the festive period

What the article doesn't say is how the complaint was made.

Was it:
a) My C/T bill is bigger than my neighbours, therefore I should be paying less.
b) My C/T bill is bigger than my neighbours, therefore they should be paying more.

If it was "a" the title of "Unbelievable cunts" goes to the neighbours who want to lynch mob this guy. Paying less tax in any manner possible is something we should all strive towards. Those who talk about "fair share" and "dues" are, at best, seriously misguided.

If it was "b" then the title would go to the person who complained. When you discover that someone has something better than you, by chance, you should not attempt to take that away from them. See the point above.

In either case, the title of "Unbelievable Cunts" belongs to the council who have increased the rates.

Similar "Cunts" are the majority of commenter's on the article. All the talk of being "caught out", "not paying their "fair share" and "should be backdated" sickens me to say the least:

Despondent Resident,

23/09/2010 12:09:05
So they have been under paying for years, I hope they backdate it.
digestive biscuits V,

23/09/2010 12:12:10
So, these people are moaning because they're now starting to pay what they are actually supposed to pay after getting away with underpaying for many years, yes?

23/09/2010 12:17:50
He wouldn't have been slaughtering the neighbour had it resulted in a reduction in council tax!! He's lucky as mentioned that they haven't backdated any underpayment. He's only having to pay what the rest of us have to pay i.e the right amount!!
Arabella Feversham,

23/09/2010 12:52:02
An excellent result in identifying those who have been paying less than they should.
I do hope the authorities will now assess the residents in question with a view to collecting arrears for as far back as is legally permissible. The alternative is that I and my fellow taxpayers will be obliged to make good the loss of revenue
Mac the Naif,

23/09/2010 17:36:04
Pay up and shut up

edinburgh 24/09/2010 12:02:48
What nonsense, a civil servant should know better, he's got away with it for years so should be happy
*Urge to kill - rising...*