Those PCSO's are trained for every eventuality.

It seems some villagers are panicking about the cuts. They seem to think there will be no more police to look after them and the country will descend into chaos. Typical.

Worsthorne villagers’ fears of crime

VILLAGERS have expressed fears that crime will increase if police are diverted away on other duties.

Worsthorne residents have reported 49 incidents to the parish council over the past four weeks.
These include a road rage incident in Ormerod Street, three thefts from vehicles, two shoplifting reports and damage to a car.
Complaints have been made that youths have been playing football in the street, near the Village Shop, and kicking balls against cottage windows.
One resident said: “A police presence is desperately needed within the village.”
It's really going tits up over there isn't it. Isn't it? No?

But PCSO Dave Johnson, who covers Worsthorne, Cliviger and Briercliffe, has downplayed fears. He said: “To some extent there are other priorities that we do get taken off for.

“I spend over 60 per cent of my time in the Worsthorne area and we have a regular presence in the borough.”
“There are two of us who cover three villages as well as anything else that might need doing.
See. No problem. PCSO Dave Johnson is on the case and he will look after you.

And with talents like these, who could possibly be worried: (regular readers, please sit down for this one)

“Today I am in the Kibble Bank area helping a colleague put up neighbourhood watch signs because I am ladder trained.”
Ladder trained? Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Over the past four weeks, 49 incidents had been recorded in the village but PCSO Johnson said not all of these were crimes
Maybe not, but your continued employment is.


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