The Smoking Ban Moves Outdoors....

.....with more Think of the Cheeeldren madness, and this time  it's not even enforceable.

Parents told ‘stop smoking in Pendle play areas’

‘No smoking’ signs have been installed at all 57 outdoor play areas and skate parks in the borough.
The message is also being aimed at teenagers as part of a drive by Pendle Council to improve health.
The move has been welcomed by an anti-smoking charity and the local MP Andrew Stephenson.
I'm not sure who's health they wish to improve. I'm sure they can't be suggesting that passive smoking outdoors is a danger to anyone? Can they?

Council chiefs have admitted they can’t enforce it by law but are appealing for parents to stick to it in the best interests of the children.
So the rule is unenforceable. The article doesn't say how much the council have spent on installing these signs in 57 playgrounds. How ever much it is, I bet cost two to three hundred percent more than what you or I could have done it for.

Even though there are now "No Smoking" signs in these places, it isn't law. They just want the parents to abide by it anyway for the sake of the cheeeldren.
I'm sure there are parents out there who don't believe for a minute that having a fag while watching the little darlings on the swings, will do them any harm, and quite rightly so.
So what will the councils do about these parents that ignore the signs? Send in Stepparoo the Smokefree Kangaroo?
Or will they do something a little more sinister like campaign for more legislation. "We tried making it voluntary but we're not getting the message across. We need smoking banned by law in children's parks. It's for the kiddies.

Coun Naeem Ashraf, Pendle Council’s executive member for parks, said the move was aimed at reducing the risk of children passive smoking.
I've got an excellent way to reduce children passive smoking. Let the adults smoke in pubs, then they won't be around their children.

“It is about protecting the health of our children,” he said.
It's always about protecting the health of our children. The trouble is, weather it's no smoking in parks or banning chip shops near schools, this minimal and unquantifiable protection of children is always at the much greater expense of the adults.

“The dangers of passive smoking are well known and children shouldn’t have to be subjected to it.
“If people are smoking in play areas then it is not a safe environment for children to be in.

Hogwash. The dangers of passive smoking are well publicised by the likes of ASH, but in the main are utter rubbish. A wisp of heavily diluted cigarette smoke in the open air is no danger to anyone.
“There is also the risk of people leaving butts of cigarettes or matches lying around.
Provide bins.

“I have two children myself and wouldn’t want them to be playing when smoke is around.”
I take it you never let them outside then. If outdoor tobacco smoke is harming them, just think what vehicle exhaust fumes are doing. It's probably best you just get them gas masks.

A spokeswoman for ASH, the health charity that works to eliminate harm caused by tobacco, said: “We support this move.
No shit? Well I didn't see that one coming. *sarcasm*

“There are two issues. One is passive smoking. The evidence is very clear that children exposed to second hand smoke are at risk of suffering from breathing problems.
“There is also the issue of setting a good example. We don’t want to see children starting to smoke. If parents and guardians refrain from smoking when taking children to the park then it sets a good example.
“It is all about acting responsibly.”
Although no legal action can be taken against someone smoking in a play area, councillors hope people will abide by the no smoking signs.

Notice how the "very clear" evidence is never quoted? It has been reported that cases of childhood asthma have dropped considerably since the smoking ban. Since a lot more adult smokers are now drinking at home rather than in the pub, since the ban, it could be assumed that more passive smoking is reducing asthma. Ergo, tobacco smoke cures asthma.
And will someone please tell these people that "acting responsibly" is something that adults can do very well without righteous hectoring.

Coun Mike Blomeley, leader of Pendle Council, said: “We simply don’t want people smoking around where young children are.
Maybe that isn't your decision / problem / issue
“There are potential health issues for children in areas where people are smoking.
But of course you are not going to share those "potential health issues" with us, or give us any evidence with which to make our own choices.

You just expect us to do as we are told.


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