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BBC Trust warning over free TV licences for over-75s

The BBC Trust has warned the government it would fight any move to force the BBC to meet the cost of free television licences for the over-75s.
Ministers are reportedly considering whether to transfer the cost to the corporation as part of the Spending Review.
A BBC Trust spokeswoman said it would be "unacceptable" for licence fee payers to foot the bill.
Excuse me? Who currently foots the bill?
The Department for Work and Pensions currently funds the £556m annual cost.

And where does the DWP get this money from? The licence fee payer. From their taxes. So if the DWP transfers responsibility to the BBC, they will add the cost onto the licence fee and we will be paying twice. Because you can bet your arse we wont get a reduction in taxes from the DWP.

"Anything at this stage is speculation as we have yet to see the detail of the Spending Review.
"That said it would be unacceptable for licence fee payers to pick up the bill for what is a Department for Work and Pensions universal benefit," she added.

He added increases in the licence fee were unlikely to cover the cost, which was the equivalent of a 16% cut in the BBC's present budget.

A government spokeswoman said it would not comment on speculation ahead of the Spending Review.

Every pensioner over the age of 75 receives a free TV licence, which currently costs £145.50 per year.

The corporation received £3.45bn in licence fees in 2009/10.
I've got an idea. Scrap the licence fee. Fund the activities of the BBC commercially.
Whats that? It's not a new idea? Oh, ok then.


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