Define "Frontline" Services.

The lefties talk a lot about the cuts causing "a loss of vital frontline services". It's a nice little soundbite that makes the Tories sound like they enjoy shoving bees up babies arses, but what does it really mean?

If I had to quickly define frontline services, I might do something like this:
1) Emergency services
2) Waste collection
3) Erm...

I'm sure there's plenty more out there but I'm not gonna waste the time.
There is one service that I definitely would not included in the list, for love nor money, and that's Burnley's Youth Bus. It's a scheme aimed at tackling anti social behaviour among youngsters in Burnley, and it's to be saved by council chiefs despite concerns over funding:

COUNCIL chiefs are set to save a scheme aimed at tackling anti-social behaviour among youngsters in Burnley despite concerns over funding.

The Space Bus was launched in May 2007 after a survey of youngsters in the town revealed they felt they had nothing to do.
This kind of pandering to the cheeeeldren really gets on my tits. These kids that have nothing to do have more electrical gizmos and gadgets in their bedrooms than I do in my whole house. They have so much to do, I'm surprised they find the time to do it all.

And lets assume for one minute (and I don't) that they really are bored. Is this to be used as an excuse for anti social behaviour and criminal damage? Do the council think it is their responsibility to provide activities for the poor darlings at our expense? It seems yes is the answer to both questions.

The double-decker Space Bus is out five nights a week across Burnley and Padiham offering a wide range of activities for young people as part of wider work to divert young people from anti-social behaviour.

The facility provides features such as a chill-out area, TV/DVD, games consoles, internet computers, sports facilities and advice regarding social issues and concerns.
In its first six months of operation, there were more than 700 fewer incidents of damage and anti-social behaviour, and a reduction of 20 per cent in criminal damage.
Already this year the scheme has lost £7,400 funding as part of the cuts being introduced by Burnley Borough Council and the coalition Government, prompting concerns about its future.
I've said it before and I'll say it again - Couldn't the private sector be doing this? If driving a replica of some kids bedroom round the town centre at night is really worthwhile and necessary, couldn't it be self funding?
Since [it began] it has been visited more than 31,000 times and has received national acclaim.
According to council bosses it is used by up to 90 youngsters per night.
Bingo! Charge then 50p each. (Not to play bingo, to use the bedroom bus)
Sam McConnell, Burnley’s community safety manager, said: “The Space Bus has been a great success and the aim is to ensure its long-term future and sustainability,”
There's another place we can save money. Scrap community safety managers.

The bus was called ‘remarkable’ when it was visited by HRH The Prince of Wales in 2008.


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