Child benefit

So the Cameron is stopping child benefit for families where one or more partner earns over £44,000 per year? There's so much running round my head in response to that one, it's hard to put it into words.

What are we doing giving benefits to people who earn over £44,000? I mean WTF?

I spotted this nugget in the Reading Chronicle.

Ruth Fleming, senior organiser at the Home-Start family support charity in Lyon Square, Tilehurst, said: “I think it could be quite tough for middle-income Britain with young families.

Well boo de fucking hoo!

The child benefit system is total bollocks and needs turning completely on its head, not just fiddling with a little bit. Me and Mrs Bucko have no children and we don't intend to have any. As a result we don't use the education system and rarely use the NHS. Our reward? Paying the highest possible tax for people in our income bracket (including fags, booze and petrol taxes) and absolutely nothing in return. We are entitled to no benefits are rarely use anything the government has to offer.

If we chose to have children, we could have them shitting money before you could say "dilated ten centimetres".

"You've had a kid? Ok, here's a big pile of cash."

What we should be doing is taxing people who choose to have children and giving tax relief to those who don't.

You know how much I earn? £14,850 pa*. Mrs Bucko earns slightly less. At least 60% of that goes to the government in tax, and that tax pays child benefits to people earning three times what I do. And the government calls that fair. Cunts!

*My paltry wage is due to my lifestyle choices and I'm not moaning about it. We survive. What I am moaning about is having to pay towards the lifestyle choices of other people.


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