The Cunt From Kent

I won't rehash the Ciggy Busters story, suffice to say, many blog posts were written and many angry letters were sent to the various parties involved.

I emailed This Is Kent and told them of the outrage the Ciggy Busters stunt had caused. I got this response:

Hi John,

I'm the reporter who wrote the article on We are preparing a follow-up and I was wondering if it would be possible to arrange a quick chat. If you let me know your number I can ring you.
Alternatively, my number is ***********.

He also contacted The Big Yin at Freedom 2 Choose, and had an in depth conversation about the erosion of smokers rights. We were promised a follow up story and it looked like it might be a good one.

That was three weeks ago and so far nothing has happened. I have been emailing him last week to ask if he still intends to publish story but I haven't had a response.

I may be wrong in calling him a cunt. It might be that his editor put a stop on the story. I mean who in the MSM prints bad press about anti smokers. That doesn't sell copy! He could have responded to my enquires and explained that though, so I think not. Cunt.

To quote The Yin: "I guess this is a non story now amongst the MSM gliteratti."

But were they ever interested?


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