No butts. It's a miscarriage of just-ash.

I've read here,  here  here and here that apparently cigarette ash is now "litter".

What bollocks! Ash is completely sterile and either blows away in the wind or is washed away by the rain. How on earth a council beleives they can get away with fining someone for flicking ash, i'll never know.

Seems its happened before though. This chap was fined for flicking a fag but out of his car window. He says he was just flicking the ash. The council offered no evidence in court and he was fined £660.

According to Ian UK on Yahoo answers, fag ash is classed as litter, however it would "never stand up in court". We will have to see won't we.

If she was in America, she may be doing community service by now.


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