Ban clamping?

According to this mornings crappy drive time radio, the Home Office is planning to ban clamping.
I'm not going to do a piece on it because Longrider has beaten me to it with a good one.

I agree both with his assessment of clamping as bordering on extortion, and his belief in property rights.
People should have the right to deal with vehicles parked on their property without permission, however clamping is disproportionate to the "offence" and takes away peoples ability to appeal or contest the action.

I always find it hard to justify banning things, however, if legislation is necessary to deal with the issue of clamping, I would suggest the following.

Extend property rights. If someone bolts something to your property, that something should then become your property also.
This would give people the option to pay the fine or remove the clamp with a set of bolt cutters. Clampers may play a bit fairer if they risk losing an expensive clamp.

(It would have to apply to the DVLA bastards as well though. Cunts)


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