Calling all Catwoman protestors. You're needed elswhere.

Thugs tie up and drown dog

‘DESPICABLE thugs’ drowned a tiny terrier by tying him up while he was still alive and throwing him into a canal in a weighted-down rucksack.

An RSPCA inspector said the killing of 18-month-old terrier Freddie was the worst cruelty he had seen in his career.
The wire-haired terrier was found floating face-down in the Leeds and Liverpool Canal under the bridge off Burnley Road, near to Moorfield Way, Altham.
Tests revealed Freddie was alive when he was thrown in to the water.
Experts said he would have endured a ‘terrible death’.
RSPCA Inspector Mandi Barr said: “This poor little dog never stood a chance.
“This was a deliberate and horrific act of deliberate cruelty and the worst of its kind I have seen in my six years in the job.
"It has upset myself and my colleagues considerably.”
She said the person responsible was a ‘callous and cruel coward’.
“We don’t want them to get away with this,” Insp Barr said.
“This dog has suffered an awful death and someone is responsible for that. Please, if you think you can help, call us.”
“Cruelty to animals like this is unforgiveable. This dog would not have had a clue what was happening to him.
“It is completely unnecessary and horrible.”
The incident happned early on August 2 but the RSPCA has only just released details.
This story is far worse than the crazy catwoman incident. I wonder if it will receive the same response?


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