More on the lazy b'stards

Public sector employees work nine years less than their Private sector counterparts but are paid 30 per cent more.

According to this.

Public sector workers are paid better, have shorter hours, better pensions and earlier retirement.

Well, we all knew that already, didn't we? That isn't news, but when you couple it with the extraordinary liberties that these people take with their jobs.....

Not only do the enjoy better working conditions than their counterparts (us) in the private sector, they also believe they have a right to turn up at work at whatever time they want and even just ring in sick if they can't be bothered to come in at all.

According to the whistleblower in my previous post on this, even the best of the workers in his department were averaging 12 weeks off work per year.

Over their lifetimes, those in the private sector work 23 per cent longer - equivalent to an extra nine years and ten weeks

That equates to an extra 11.7 weeks off per year through a forty year employment, according to my calculations. Add this to the 12 weeks (at least) they already take as holidays and sickness and you get to nearly 24 weeks off. Looking at it that way (ahem), they are only at work for half the time that we are. They may as well not be there. In fact, they may as well not be there; they may as well just fuck off, because no one wants them anymore.

(And to all you lefties in the DM comments section, I don't mean get rid of the nurses, firefighters and police and you fucking know it. I mean get rid of the Diversity outreach co-ordinators, Smoking cessation officers, Mind and nutrition leaders, Healthy walking co-ordinators, sustainability managers etc etc ad infinitum)